The first steps of a virgin blogger…

Welcome to hEaD Space, my typographically-challenged first attempt at running a blog. Despite the fact its taken me nearly two weeks to get the first post up, my intention is to post at least once a week, initially, to get a bit of momentum, reflecting on things I’ve seen or read about, or maybe items that have been inspired by the day job at the UK Centre for Legal Education. hEaD Space plans to be controversial sometimes, useful sometimes, and – hopefully – engaging all the time. Given its mostly about legal education, which most normal folk probably don’t give a stuff about, that could sound like a bit of a challenge. I hope not. If law is about anything more than making money for lawyers, what passes for legal education and training, what we as educators can – and should – do to engage and challenge our students, and get them to reflect on the values and purposes of law should matter. But its going to be a bit tough to do that in a conversation of one, so please, if you’re around and interested, get involved!


One response to “The first steps of a virgin blogger…

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I shall follow with keen interest. Consider yourself linked, old mate! Best, John

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