First sitting of the UK Supreme Court

Two posts in one day, must be a record! But appropriate to mark the first day that the new Supreme Court has actually sat as the final court of appeal in the UK. I recently came across the following YouTube video, with Lord Mance, one of the ten former Law Lords now sitting as a Justice of the Supreme Court. Its not a bad discussion of some of the issues, and it also captures nicely, I thought, some the obviously quite mixed emotions for those involved in the change. Could be a neat resource for GCSE/A level or even first year LLB?


2 responses to “First sitting of the UK Supreme Court

  1. Funnily enough the Law Lords didn’t know about this: On the last day of the House of Lords, if you called the listing office the messsage told you about decisions taken and where the new court would be, then at the end the entire staff of the listing office sang “My Way”. Not bad either…I called just to hear.

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