Back to the (Academic) Future

UKCLE recently ‘premiered’ its film on the future(s) of legal education at our Learning in Law Annual Conference in January. The premiere was certainly popular enough to generate a good turn out at the end of a longish day, and was followed by a lively plenary discussion the next morning. I’ve also shown the film as part of the Law Teachers’ Programme on the LLM at University College, London. I think it says some useful and sometimes quite contradictory things about where (English/UK) legal education is and ought to be going. It also touches, quite frequently, on the values that (might) underpin the practice. I’d be interested to get a debate going here, so: what do you think…?


2 responses to “Back to the (Academic) Future

  1. Good film and I have filched it for my blog. I have recently been impressed by the way MIT has been putting its courseware online. Indeed I use it. But it also has a great use for colleges in less developed countries who need materials. I would like to UK legal education providers adopting some of these ideas.

  2. Thanks John for spreading the word! I agree entirely about the value of open online resources for the developing world – one of the great spinoffs I hope of UKCLE’s support for and development of OER is the added value they have for less developed countries.

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