Should legal ethics be taught at the academic stage?

England and Wales is now in the minority of (major) Common Law jurisdictions where some element of ethics education is not a required part of the law degree-level education for those wanting to enter the profession. Kim Economides and Justine Rogers published a report in 2009, commissioned by the Law Society, recommending the introduction of legal ethics at the academic stage. So far there has been very little discussion of that recommendation, though there are a couple of exceptions in the blawgosphere – see comments by my friends and regular bloggers, John Flood and Paul Maharg – the latter as part of an interesting set of comments on Melissa Hardee’s keynote at the 2009 CELTS Conference. But its gone rather quiet since then. UKCLE, in association with the Law Society, is therefore holding an event in London on 10 May to start what we hope will be an open and constructive debate between the academy and the profession. Registration is open on the UKCLE website; I hope we can get a good turn-out.


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