LETR: draft literature review published

We – the LETR research team – published the draft of our main Phase 1 output, the literature review on Friday. It’s great to have this first major milestone complete, and particular credit goes to Paul Maharg, who lead the work on this phase.

LETR is distinctive relative to other reviews of education and training in starting this way with a substantial review of the existing literature, in this case dating back to the 1971 Ormrod Report. We think this should be one of its strengths: it provides an historical context, synthesizes literature from other jurisdictions and professions, and focuses on the regulatory framework to reframe existing debates and create an original analytical framework for our work. The resulting draft is a substantial piece of work – around 230 pages – and will be the most overtly academic output from the research phase of the review, though obviously our final report will do more to contextualise the literature in ways that highlight its practical and policy relevance. We will be revising the draft in due course and invite comments on it.

In the interim, we will also be publishing our first major discussion paper within the next week, calling for evience on a range of key issues.


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