From 2011-13 I lead the research programme for the Legal Education and Training Review in England and Wales. The Review was instigated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Bar Standards Board and ILEX Professional Standards – the three largest ‘frontline’ regulators in the English legal services sector. Unlike earlier reviews its primary focus was on the regulation of legal education across the whole legal services sector. The final report of the research team is published online at http://www.letr.org.uk. The website also contains copies of the various working and discussion papers generated during the research phase, a separate (thematic) literature review, and extensive bibliography.

The first presentation on this page provides an overview of what was planned at the outset of the research phase:

Legal education and training review presentation 010711 (no notes)

This second presentation summarises the main conclusions of and highlights a number of issues arising from the research team’s final report: LETR CSP July 2013


Related publications from the Research Group:

Webb, J., (2013) Regulating Lawyers in a Liberalized Legal Services Market: The Role of Legal Education and Training.  Stanford Law and Policy Review, 24 (2), 533-70

Sherr, A. & Thomson, S., (2013) Tesco Law and Tesco Lawyers: Will our Needs Change if
the Market Develops? Oñati Socio-legal Series [online], 3 (3), 595-610. Available from:

Webb, J., (2015) ‘The LETRs (Still) in the Post: The Legal Education and Training Review and the Reform of Legal Services Education and Training—A Personal (Re)view’. In Sommerlad, Harris-Short, Vaughan & Young (eds) The Futures of Legal Education and the Legal Profession. Oxford: Hart Publishing, pp.97-137

Ching, J., Maharg, P., Sherr, A. & Webb, J., (2015) Lord Upjohn Lecture 2014 – An Overture for Well-Tempered Regulators: Four Variations on a LETR Theme. Law Teacher, 49(1), 3-25.

Ching, J., (2015) Making a Virtue of Necessity? An Opportunity to Harness Solicitors’ Attachment to the Workplace as a Place for Learning. Nottingham Law Journal, 24, 36-66.

Maharg, P., (2015) Shared Space: Regulation, Technology and Legal Education in a Global Context. European Journal of Law & Technology, 6(1). Available from http://ejlt.org/article/view/425.

Webb, J., 2016. ‘A Tale of Two Cities: Reflecting on Lord Neuberger’s “Reforming Legal Education”’. In Duncan, Ashford & Guth (eds) Perspectives on Legal Education, Abingdon: Routledge.


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